WACO, TX (FOX44) — As we head into election season both political parties in McLennan County and other agencies have plans tomorrow for National Voter Registration Day.

Multiple voter registration sites are going to be open in Waco tomorrow from McLennan Community College to fast food spots like Sonic.

The McLennan County NAACP is all hands on deck in this effort to make sure everyone is represented in our democracy.

“There’s so many issues that should be of interest to every voter which will be on the ballot this term. So we wanted to make sure that people have the opportunity to vote,” said Dr. Peaches Henry, president of the McLennan County.

The project VIER coalition is helping the NAACP put together these sites.

“If you do not register by October 11, you will not be able to exercise what I call your super power, and that is your ability to vote,” said Henry.

Months of preparation went into this week where 50-75 volunteers will be helping out.

“Each side will be working at least four hours, and during those four hours we will have two people working each hour at all of our sites all over the city and the county,” said Henry.

McLennan County Democrat party member Mary Duty supports the NAACP voter registration efforts and encourages community members to check their voter eligibility.

“We don’t want people to get taken off the voter rolls because they moved or because something happened,” said Duty. “It would be a good idea to check your voter registration to be sure it’s current.”

On Saturday, vice chairman of the McLennan County Republican party Christopher DeCluitt says they will hold a political rally where you’ll be able to register to vote.

“It’s going to be a rally to push securing our border and stop human trafficking, which is also going to coincide with our voter registration push,” said DeCluitt.

The rally is going to be at Westview Shopping Center starting at 11.

The NAACP will have sites open for registration starting tomorrow at 10.