MEXIA, Texas (FOX 44)UPDATE: The Mexia High School student detained after a gun was fired in a bathroom has been identified.

A “loud bang”, which was later confirmed to be a gunshot, was reported at approximately 11:20 a.m. on May 16 at the Mexia High School. The campus was immediately put on lockdown as officers responded, in addition to other Mexia ISD campuses also being put on lockdown.

Law enforcement continued to sweep the entire building to verify that all occupants were safe, and that there were no additional potential threats. No injuries were sustained by anyone as a result of this weapon being discharged.

The district determined an early dismissal was in the best interest of student safety. Multiple law enforcement agencies and other first responders collaborated to establish an action plan to dismiss students in the safest manner possible.

Mexia High School remained closed the next day, in order to allow additional time for law enforcement to continue their investigation – and also to ensure the building was cleared of any threats.

A handgun was found and recovered by responding officers, and a suspect was identified. On the afternoon of May 17, The Mexia Police Department detained a 17-year-old student on May 17 – identified as Jayden Phillips.

Jayden Phillips.

Phillips was arrested, and is charged with Tamper/Fabricate Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair – a second-degree felony – and Prohibited Weapon and Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm – both third-degree felonies.

This investigation is ongoing.

Source: The City of Mexia and Mexia ISD