Military mom surprises daughter


A military mom is back home with her family just in time for Thanksgiving next week.

It was all part of a surprise Monday afternoon at Midway Middle School. 

Sergeant Lacy Poltoratskiy’s 12-year-old daughter JaiceyBelle Hunter had no idea her mom was in town. 

Midway Middle School helped Lacy by dressing her up in the Panther mascot and told JaiceyBelle’s class the media was there to do a story on Thanksgiving food collection.

During a speech, the teacher tossed it over to the mascot who then took off the head and brought JaiceyBelle to tears.

“We normally Facetime in the mornings, so I couldn’t talk to the kids or anything cause then they would know the background that I wasn’t in Kuwait,” said Poltoratskiy.

Lacy got back Sunday and had to keep her return a secret.

“So close and I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t hug you, I had to wait,” said Poltoratskiy.

Just in time for the holidays.

“So we’re back for the holidays and our whole family is in the area so we’ll get to see everybody,” said Poltoratskiy.

Lacy watched her children grow through apps and videochats.

“So I got to keep up with the kids, she would film him reading cause he learned to read while I was gone so we still got to be a part of that,” said Poltoratskiy.

But, it’s never really the same as in person.

“I was really upset that I wouldn’t be able to like show it to her directly where she could see it cause picture quality is very low,” said Hunter.

Although Monday’s visit generated a lot of tears, it also brought a lot of laughs.

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