Dozens of people gathered to celebrate Mission Waco’s first grocery store called, “Jubilee Food Market” Thursday. 

It’s located on North 15th Street and Colcord Avenue in Waco. 

Mission Waco says the store is what the community wanted, and because of them it became a reality. 

“I was overwhelmed, I was jumping with joy!,” said Libby McCollun, resident of North Waco. 

Libby lives less than a mile away from Jubilee Food Mart. Before this, the task to buy groceries was tough. 

Libby, like many others, would have to walk or find a ride to the nearest HEB when they were hungry. 

“I would have to pay somebody to give me a ride, and pay them to bring me back. Or sometimes I’d catch the bus,” Libby said. 

The last time the Colcord Avenue area had a grocery store was in 1925. Since then the reputation of the area has been tainted, and only a few convenient stores have been available. 

Jimmy Dorrell, Executive Director of Mission Waco decided that needed to change. He says more than 70% of the community voted to have this store. 

Many feel it turns over a new leaf for the area. 

“I think it’s going to be a lot safer because of more people, they are more aware of their surroundings and what’s going on right now. Because back then, it really didn’t matter because people were doing what they wanted to do, fight, argue, whatever, but right now I think it’s going to bring the community more closer together,” said Libby. 

The food mart only offers basic necessities. It will not sell beer, wine, tobacco products or lottery tickets. 

The assistant manager says that is what will help keep the store safe. 

“We had a soft opening before this, and the response had been 99% positive. that they are glad that we’ll be here and they do feel safe,” said Robert Lopez, Jubilee Food Mart Assistant Manager. 

Jubilee Food Mart is open 7-days a week. Monday- Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday’s from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Shopping there will benefit Mission Waco. 

“Knowing I was in this neighborhood and to see it transform into something like it is now, my heart is just happy, it’s just so happy,” said Libby. 

There are 7 employees, and 4 of them live in the neighborhood.