Mission Waco seeks input


A few buildings in Waco are getting a facelift, but not without your help.

“I’ve heard people say things like it’ll be nice to have a thrift store, a resale shop, a library,” said Executive Director for Mission Waco, Jimmy Dorrell.

The buildings on the corner of N. 15th St. and Colcord Ave. have been around for 87 years.

“We’re going to invite the community especially those that live close by to come give us their input on what they wish this building or these buildings would look like if it was done to meet needs they have,” said Dorrell.

Mission Waco bought Martha Jane’s Liquor Store along with the three other buildings connected to it thanks to a generous donation from a Dallas man for $125,000 back in June.

“So we’re expecting just the brightness of a new building to change the perception of this community,” said Dorrell.

Neighbors are happy to see the liquor store go.

“You want to get rid of all the crime and all the alcohol,” said Waco resident Rudy Juarez.

Rudy was born and raised in Waco, he’s been in the neighborhood since 1964 and says he’d like to see something a little different.

“If they could make a book store or maybe a gym or something for the neighborhood,” said Juarez.

“I’d really would like to see converted in about three, four offices, it would be really good for the area,” said neighboring owner of D’s Mediterranean Grill Nizam Issa.

“Maybe clothes for men, sport clothes,” said Waco resident Iwan Sandjaja.

Whatever the future holds for the buildings one thing is for sure, it would bring jobs.

“Our hope is over the years ahead that this continues to be development where there are jobs over here, growing businesses over here and people are spending their money in the area to keep making this neighborhood a flourishing neighborhood,” said Dorrell.

The meeting is being held on Saturday, September 9th at 10AM in front of Martha Jane’s.

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