Mixed Views on Trump’s Plan to Deploy Troops to Border


There are mixed views on President Donald Trump’s plan to deploy the National Guard to the Texas/Mexico Border. 

Governor Greg Abbott has already thrown his support behind the plan, but not everyone is backing the proposal. 

“I support Trump all the way. He has put this country first,” says veteran Bert Steele.  

Steele spent 32 years of his life serving his country. He supports the president’s proposal to send military troops to the southern border. 

“Why should we send troops out to different areas to train, and we have this big border that needs support and training could be right there on the border,” Steele said. 

He believes more should be done to stop illegal border crossing. 

“It’s draining the assets of the United States. We bring them in and they’re criminals, or they’re not criminals. There’s a lot of good people, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot of criminals and gangs and that sort of thing,” Steele said.  

Analuisa Carrillo-Tapia disagrees. She thinks the military should not be involved in Border Patrol. She’s part of the Central Texas LULAC. 

“Why don’t we just concentrate on hiring more Border Patrol? They have that law enforcement branch and training to handle such situations,” Carrillo-Tapia said. 

In her opinion, there are too many un-answered questions about the plan. 

“How far of strength and uses of force is going to be taking place here?,” Carrillo-Tapia asked.  

While she does encourage legal immigration, she doesn’t think all people crossing illegally are bad. 

“The majority of people that come over here are getting away from a country that’s oppressive. That is full of crime. That the government is corrupt,” Carrillo-Tapia said. 

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