Motion battle between Baylor, attorneys

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A war of words is building between Baylor University and the attorneys representing former Baylor Athletics Director Ian McCaw.

McCaw accuses Baylor University of “phony fact-finding” and coordinating to conceal university-wide failures by using African-American football players as scapegoats. McCaw made these accusations in a deposition filed in federal court as a part of a lawsuit filed by ten women in a Title IX Lawsuit. 

The university filed a response to the motion on July 5 and sent FOX44 this statement:

“It is unfortunate that this lawsuit has become a sideshow of baseless conspiracy theories, unsubstantiated allegations and rank speculation. Nowhere in the Plaintiffs’ 46-page complaint are allegations or claims made about the Pepper Hamilton investigation or the departures of Ian McCaw and Art Briles. And most recently, during McCaw’s day-long deposition, not a single question was asked of McCaw about the Plaintiffs’ alleged assaults or Baylor’s handling of their reports.

“As specifically described in our legal response, McCaw’s unsubstantiated claims of a conspiracy by regents, racism and scapegoating at Baylor are bizarre, blatantly false and nothing more than speculation and gossip of which he has no firsthand knowledge.

“This lawsuit has become a never-ending fishing expedition based on outlandish conspiracy theories, rumors and speculation as part of a crusade to turn up any possible reason to attack Baylor. The question in this lawsuit is whether any of the 10 Plaintiffs were subjected to a sexually harassing educational environment at Baylor in violation of Title IX, not about how the Pepper Hamilton investigation was conducted or whether Baylor should or should not have made decisions affecting Art Briles or Ian McCaw in May 2016.”

You can read the full response by clicking on the attachment below.

McCaw’s attorney Jim Dunnam has since released the following statement:

“Unlike what Baylor says in their most recent filing, what Baylor did to oppress, victimize and retaliate against hundreds of rape victims is not some ‘side show.’ Calling their admissions of institutional failures and cover-up ‘side shows’ is shameful and further degrades and victimizes all Baylor rape victims. Rather than a ‘side show,’ Baylor’s intentional actions and cover-up – carried out over decades to protect its brand – created a heightened risk to all female students on campus. That is a primary focus of this case whether Baylor likes it or not.

“As so many have called for now almost three years running, there must be an independent thorough investigation, and that has been a goal of our clients from the start. We are committed to doing what our clients have stepped forward to achieve. The truth is finally coming out and a jury will determine the outcome of this ral investigation, no matter how hard Baylor tries to conceal the truth.”

Sources: Baylor University, Dunnam and Dunnam LLP

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