(FOX 44) – The U.S. Army has released its Climate Strategy Implementation Plan to respond to threats from climate affecting installation and unit sustainability, readiness and resilience.

The Implementation Plan directs how the Army will maintain its strategic advantage through deliberate efforts to reduce future climate impacts and risks.

Army Senior leaders have said the effects of climate change and extreme weather are becoming more significant on installations, missions, and operations – which they believe makes it important for the Army to be resilient.

Amry officials say this is designed to complement the Army Climate Strategy, and that the Plan is another step in the decades-long effort to combat climate change in support of the nation’s security interests.

The Plan was developed by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment, and was coordinated with the Army Staff and Army Commands.

The Army seeks to remain the dominant land fighting force by adapting to changing global conditions – including climate change. The Implementation Plan will position Army installations and supply chains to better withstand extreme weather, improve training relevance in a changing world, and help Soldiers fulfill their missions under the harshest conditions.