Criminal investigation remains into Vanessa Guillén sexual assault

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The family of SPC Vanessa Guillén confirmed Tuesday that the administrative investigation into her sexual assault is now closed – but the criminal investigation remains.

“We’re not just here for vanessa, we’re here for all soldiers and all victims in the military.”

“We’re not just here for Vanessa. We’re here for all soldiers and all victims in the military,” says Guillén Family attorney Natalie Khawam.

The family, together with Khawam, met in Houston with U.S. Army Commanding General John Murray and other military officials to discuss new discoveries in the investigation.

During a press confernce, they said Gen. White has the ability to court martial the NCO who was sexually harrasing Vanessa – who is still a soldier on post.

“The report actually uses the words, ‘The Army failed this family. The Army failed this nation.’ And he did indicate that one of the policy directives that will come out of this is a policy on more transparancy, more engagement, and more communications with families,” says Rep. Sylvia Garcia. “And in fact, he admitted, he said that they would use this case as a case study of how not to handle things.”

The family adds that Gen. Murray is launching an investigaton and is helping them seek justice for Vanessa to help change a system that has loopholes and flaws.

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