New details surrounding missing 3-year-old


The Bryan Police Department continues to investigate the case surrounding a missing three-year-old.

On Friday night, police found human remains while searching for Rayven Shields, combining a missing child case with a murder investigation.

FOX44 uncovered new information about Shields’ mother, Virginia Adams. Back in 2004, she married Timothy Lewis, who right now is serving a life sentence for the death of her four-year-old son back in 2005.

When we asked police about Timothy, they said:

“I don’t have any information about him at all,” said Sgt. Ryan Bona, Bryan Police Department.

Meanwhile, neighbors in the small Bryan community are left shocked by the discovery of human remains just yards away from their home.

“I mean I seen that girl in the news, but I never knew she was that close,” said Justin Keen, neighbor.

For police, that means adding a murder investigation while they continue searching for Rayven.

“Obviously, we have not identified yet the remains are at the coroner medical examiner to try to do a positive identification so we’re waiting on that to determine whether or not they are the child we were looking for or whether it was someone else,” said Sgt. Bona.

During a press conference over the weekend, Bryan Police Department’s Chief said those remains could be those of Rayven Shields.

“We located decomposed remains that are consistent with the size of a young child,” said Chief Eric Buske, Bryan Police Department.

The girl’s mother formally known as Virginia Lewis, still sits in jail.

“Virginia Adams was arrested on Wednesday for interfering with child custody, and the last I heard was she was still incarcerated at the Brazos County Jail,” said Sgt. Bona.

FOX 44 contacted CPS, which only had this to say:

“Since it’s still under investigation the only thing that we can say is that we’re investigating and working with law enforcement,” said Lisa Block with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Police say they aren’t going to rest until someone is held responsible.

“We’re going to do everything in our power to investigate this fully so that we can find the answers that we need and hopefully bring whoever did this to justice,” said Sgt. Bona.

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