DALLAS (NEXSTAR) – Former Cowboys player Emmitt Smith’s Dallas home is back on the market at $2.2 million.

That price doesn’t just reflect the home’s specs, the listing agent said. It’s in honor of his former jersey number in the NFL: 22.

Smith built the house to his liking back in 1995, said Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the group listing the home at 150001 Winnwood Rd.

The house has a real “everything is bigger in Texas” feel to it. First of all, it’s 10,806 square feet, according to the real estate agency. It has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms (plus another four half baths), two offices, two living rooms and a garage big enough for four cars. The master bedroom is a massive suite with not one, not two, but three closets. There’s also an indoor movie theater that fits 11.

The dining room is apparently big enough to host 22 people (there’s that special number again!). If you end up buying the house, Smith might help you break in that grand dining room. Included with the price of the home is a private dinner with the Hall of Famer.

The dining room seats 22, says the real estate agency. (Photo: Courtesy of Shoot2Sell for Douglas Elliman)

But with all that space in the dining room, why not invite the entire Cowboys offense?

Smith tried to sell the home two years ago for $2.5 million, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The three-time Super Bowl champion spent most of his career as a running back with the Dallas Cowboys. His quick feet have also earned him a trophy off the field, as the winner of “Dancing with the Stars.”