Over 500 students learn how to stay injury free


Over 500 children of all ages did their part on Tuesday to learn all about safety. It’s all part of the 2018 Bell County Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.

“We educate them on different safety aspects on the farm and in the city,” said Sheryl Long, Extension Agent for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Bell County.

Students rotated between seven stations learning all about ATV, chemical, dog, fire, gun passenger, weather and railroad safety.

“Every three hours somewhere in America, a person or a vehicle gets hit by a train,” said Mike Williams, who was presenting railroad safety.

“I’ve learned the train track station, to not go on the train tracks and at the dog station, don’t approach a dog just like randomly, make sure there’s a owner, make sure that it’s safe to touch them,” said Alahna Daniels, 6th Grade, Audie Murphy Middle School.

6th grader Jason Davis once encountered a dangerous dog out in the street, he now knows what to do in that situation.

“So I would have told it to sit, and now that I know you’re allowed to kick it back or tell it to go away or like be calm and stand your ground you don’t want to run away cause then it will chase you,” said Davis, Audie Murphy Middle School.

The Temple Fire and Rescue has participated in this event for several years, to teach children about fire safety and the importance of wearing seat belts.

“We’ve seen people that have died because they were not properly restrained so if we can teach them how to buckle up every time, every trip keep them safe then if they are involved in a crash, they’ll be more likely to survive that crash,” said Thomas Pechal, PIO with Temple Fire and Rescue.

“In a couple of years, you would remember this, ‘oh I got taught this, now I’m going to do that’,” said Davis.

The Bell County Safety Day is one of 20 safety days in Texas this year alone. Over 400 presentations are planned in 37 states.

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