CBD may help treat drug addiction

Pain Stops Here

A new study by the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai says CBD can help control cravings for opioids, but doctors warn using CBD to fight addiction must be used under strict medical supervision.

“They just feel so defeated, so in this place of ‘I am nothing,’ and that hurts,” says David Bessey, of 180 Ministries.

Bessey says heroin addiction took over his life.

“My parents completely cut me off,” he says.

Then he hit rock bottom.

“One night I tried to commit suicide, and..whew…it was rough,” Bessey says.

“This state of affairs is begging us to look at other options,” says Dr. Sarah Cohen, of the Resource Medical Center.

Options like CBD.

Dr. Cohen says whether it`s a street drug or one found in a medicine cabinet, the effect is the same.

“We see that CBD helps to regulate the addicted brain we’re seeing in animal models that it reduces drug seeking behavior,” Cohen says.

CBD could provide a second chance for millions of people, but only if used under a doctor’s supervision.

“There’s a lot of discomfort involved in getting off of opiates, generally. Especially if you do it on your own. So there are a lot of strategies clinicians have to help ease the transition,” Cohen says.

Doctors say treating an addiction as soon as possible is crucial. 94 percent of opioid users who developed a heroin addiction say they tried street drugs when they could no longer get prescriptions for painkillers.

“You can do this. You can get out of this problem,” Bessey says.

Bessey is now celebrating four years of sobriety and helping others at Denver’s 180 Ministries. He says it’s a lifelong fight he’s up for – because life is worth living.

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