Parents react to Gatesville appeal


We’re getting mixed reactions from parents from both China Springs and Gatesville about the six players being able to play on Friday night.

Some of them are just glad it’s over and glad to see their boys out there, while others say if they can get away with it once, they’ll do it again.

“I totally support our coaches and believe that they did the right thing,” said Dean, a former Gatesville employee.

Another parent in the China Springs stands said, “I feel like if they got away with that, they’ll get away with everything else.”

Parents on both sides of the stands reacted to the University Interscholastic League District’s decision to allow six football players accused of using steroids to play.

“And I’m sure they made the right decision,” said Dean.

“Ultimately no, I do not. Because we should all take responsibility for the actions that we make,” said Wanda-Jean Freeze, in the China Springs stands.

Earlier today an attorney for the students and their parents, Tiger Hanner, held an emergency meeting to immediately appeal the UIL ruling to suspend the players: “We had to immediately file an appeal, and we had to rush to have the emergency meeting. But I was very confident about the outcome.”

Now the close call has parents thinking about what lies ahead for the athletic program moving forward.

“Even even after the judgment has been made, and then to pull that judgment and the punishment, then they don’t learn that life lesson,” said Wanda.

“I don’t think it’ll affect us moving forward. I believe we have a really strong team,” says a Gatesville parent.

Dean says, “This will put some light on the subject and hopefully discourage them from taking any of it.”

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