Parents react to teachers arrest in online sex sting


Parents are in shock after learning two out of the ten men arrested in a Bell County prostitution sex sting were Killeen I.S.D teachers. 

“It’s just sad for the whole situation,” said Melia Jackson, who has a child at a KISD elementary school. 

Bell County Sheriffs’ Deputies, along with help from Travis Co. Sheriff Deputies, arrested Aaron Daub, a former career building teacher at the Killeen Career Center for texting and arranging to meet up with who he thought was a proustite, but was actually an undercover deputy. 

Daub is also a Texas Government professor at Central Texas College. 

But Daub is not the only Killeen I.S.D Teacher that ended up behind bars and out of the classroom. 

Terrance Hockless, was a music teacher at Bellaire Elementary. 

He was arrested at a Harker Heights hotel for online solicitation of a prostitute. 

Killeen I.S.D say the two men quit before being fired. 

Now, parents say they feel the need to keep an even closer eye on their kids and the teachers. 

“Us as parents need to make sure you’re watching your children, make sure you keep in touch with your children’s teachers,” said Devin Elamin. 

He has two daughters that go to school in Killeen. 

Devin’s wife, Octavia says she’s not shocked by the arrests because there’s not much to do in events like these. 

“The district doesn’t know what people do on their own times, the person goes, they work, they do what they get to do, so whatever they do on their own time is there time,” said Octavia Elamin, “We can’t control what they do on their free time.”

Killeen I.S.D Spokesman Terry Abbott refused to comment on the situation stating the two men quit following their arrest and did not hurt any students to their knowledge. 

This is the third time a Killeen I.S.D teacher has been caught in an online sex sting this year. 

David Balsinger, coach and teacher at Union Grove Middle School was arrested for sexting with who he thought was an underage girl in September. 

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