People in Woodway are in shock after their City Manager Yost Zakhary has been placed on administrative leave Friday. 

This after the city council voted to place him on this leave before having the next hearing on this matter on April 9. 

A 9-1-1 dispatcher Sandra Bickel has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him just a few days ago. 

Some people say he should be fired and not continue to collect his salary. 

Just recently Zakhary resigned from his other position as the director of public safety after admitting to inappropriate behavior. 

Most people didn’t want to talk at all on Saturday because they personally know him, but the ones that did talk say they are shocked and appalled.

Darlene Plott, a concerned citizen says, ” Our society is horrible because men do not respect women anymore. We need to stand up and pray. Sometimes people cannot handle power, most people can’t.”

Bickel accuses Zakhary of harassing her on numerous occasions by suggesting getting breast implants and pulling her hair to stimulate a sex act. 

Plott is concerned about the taxpayers picking up the tab for this lawsuit. 

“I don’t think that citizens should be responsible for somebody’s actions.”

Chris Allred, another concerned citizen is unhappy with the city continuing to pay Zakhary’s salary. 

She says, “Anyone in that position should not get a salary while they are on the administrative leave, probably should be fired, but certainly not be paid.”

However, she sympathizes with Zakhary’s family. 

Allred says, “I feel really bad that his wife and children have to deal with this when it is your husband, a father or you know someone close to you, it’s hard.”

Zakhary has been on medical leave following his triple bypass heart surgery.