Update: As of Saturday Oct. 20 almost 11,000 people have signed the petition. 

Below is the original story:

Erin Albin, a Baylor graduate wants a McLennan County Judge Ralph Strother to reject a plea deal for a former fraternity president accused of rape.

Jacob Anderson is pleading no contest instead to the charge of “unlawful restraint”.

Albin has started a petition Thursday to get people sign and join the fight to get this case to go to a trial.

Her goal is to get 5,000 signatures by Dec. 10 when the judge has to make a decision whether there will be a trial or he will accept the plea deal. 

The victim accuses Anderson of drugging and raping her back in 2016 while at the Baylor Fraternity party. 

Erin Albin says, “Our society tends to stand with the abuser, not the person that’s been abused. 
This would be a very different situation if he were not a white male and we see that in our criminal justice in general.” 

But if the judge accepts the plea deal then Anderson dodges prison and the sex offender registry. 
He would get probation, a fine and counseling. 

Albin says this would hurt all women. 

She says, ” It shows that our safety doesn’t matter and that our voice doesn’t matter and it tells the men that they have a right to assault women.” 

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna agrees with the plea deal offered by Anderson’s lawyers. 

Here is his response to petition supporters. 

“They are entitled to their opinion even without complete knowledge of the facts.”

Sarah Hopping with the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children says how authorities treat sexual assault can be important to the survivor. 

She says, “There is also that mental trauma that hangs around whether or not a survivor realizes it or not, they might feel it moments after it happened or later in life. The justice part may be part of that healing process maybe trying to get a closure.” 

The survivor’s attorney Vic Feazell says, “She (his client) is encouraged that so many people are speaking out against this unjust plea bargain.”
He is trusting the judge to consider all of the evidence and do the right thing.

If you wish to check out the petition, here is the link. 

Albin is also encouraging people to mail a letter to the judge asking him to reject this plea deal. 

Fox 44 also reached out to the future district attorney Barry Johnson and the attorney for Jacob Anderson, Mark Daniel from Forth Worth but got no response.