January 01 2022 12:00 am

Plans to revitalize Temple downtown


The City of Temple is trying to bring the downtown area back to life. 

The City Council approved plans on Thursday to revitalize the Hawn Hotel, the Arcadia Theater and the Sears building. 

The project will cost the city about $2 million, but the city leadership says the tax rate will not go up as the budget for 2019 includes this expense. 

City leaders are partnering with the Turner Behringer Development Company to revitalize these buildings. 

“The Turners are anxious to get started. And so, as soon as all the ‘I’s’ are dotted and the ‘T’s’ are crossed, work will begin. It has shown across the nation that cities are revitalizing their downtowns, and it makes a huge economic impact,” says Temple Mayor Timothy Davis.

The goal is to turn the city-owned hotel and Sears building into new residential and commercial units. A historic group owns the theater, which will become a multi-purpose event hall. The plan is to have these buildings ready in four years. 

“The Hawn has been a part of the Temple skyline for years and years. It closed in the 70’s, and just to see that refurbished and reopened as residential units is going to be a great boom,” Davis says.

The city will give one parking lot near the buildings to the partnering company, while leasing the other lot to them. The plan is to kick off this project in 2019.

Davis believes resurrecting these buildings will boost the economy.

“Bringing this building back on line will create a taxable value for the city,” Davis says.

Davis says the plans for the Sears building and its expenses are still in the works. FOX44 also reached out to Adrian Cannady with the Temple Economic Development Corporation who says, “This plan will not only attract people to live, work and shop in downtown Temple, but will serve as a catalyst for future downtown development.”

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