Preparing plants and pets for the first freeze


As the freeze warning settles in, experts say the widespread effects could be felt by everything close to and in the ground.

Local nurseries and animal shelters bracing for the arctic blast, putting emergency plans in place ahead of a cold night.

Plants can freeze at around 20 degrees and it can be dangerous for pets, but they’re are many ways to protect these things from the freeze.

“With these weather conditions dropping below freezing if you can, bring your animal or your pet inside,” animal shelter supervisor Luis Leyva said. “That would be the best thing you can do.”

The Waco Humane Society says this is the time they start seeing reports of people leaving pets out in the cold. They suggest if you can’t bring them inside, make sure you have a dog house and resources to keep your pets warm.

“Make sure you have a blanket, but make sure that the blanket isn’t going to be wet in the rain. If you don’t have that and you are out in the country area, hay is a good heat source as well,” Leyva said.

“You’re going to lose a lot of plants in the winter, if you don’t prepare appropriately,” Da’ Shack Farmer’s Market owner Donna Nickerson said.

The shop puts their plants in thick plastics and wooden pots to fight the cold. Da’ Shack Farmer’s Market says the most important thing is to keep roots warm.

“You want to put pots very close together if you can,” Nickerson said. “Of course, moving pots to the inside is the best thing.”

For bigger plants like trees, Nickerson says you can even use a cardboard box as a wrap to keep them from freezing.

“For instance, if you have a tree or a shrub, you want to wrap the trunk with the box, the burlap or even just a regular blanket,” Nickerson said. “You don’t have to buy expensive or plastic coatings or things like that.”

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