Nearly 24,000 people in Texas are experiencing homelessness.

McLennan county is no different, with nearly 30% of the population living below the poverty level.

“There’s a lot of good things out here that I could put good use to for myself,” said Harvey Charlot, who attended the Project Homeless Connect event Friday morning.

Just over half of Waco’s homeless population took advantage of big event.

“There’s homeless people all over our city, people who are experiencing homelessness so just really is about driving up and down the streets and just looking and seeing people and what their position is in life,” said Shannon Eckley, with MHMR Path Program.

The event is put together by the Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition, Neighborworks Waco and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

“It allows people who are homeless or facing homelessness to find all the resources they need in one place,” said Diana Barrett, Director of public and volunteer relations for the Salvation Army in Waco.

That includes everything from health and hygiene products, haircuts, and a number of free things.

“Waco to me look like it’s growing with the homeless people and you know we live in a community, we’ve got to help the community,” said Cassandra Landrum, Market Manager for Medical MD.

“You think you’re struggling, but then you see all these people out here that don’t have anything,” said Ashlyn Wilkerson, student at MCC.

“I got shirts, socks, drawers, they gave us sweets, salads, something cold to drink, got stuff for my dogs, everything I need,” said Andrew Ruiz, who attended the event.

But, most importantly attendees received help for the future.

“They are good giving directions and you know, pointing you towards a prosperous life and just telling you how to get your work life started and having a regular life like regular normal people. Not being out here, and you know running the streets, its a good opportunity to change your life,” said Charlot.

All to help put an end to homelessness.

“These are human beings behind this,” said Barrett.

Another Project Homeless Connect event will be held in January.