Rainy weather brings out fire ants, mounds

ANT MOUND_1446766573514.JPG

You may have noticed several ant mounds in your yard or in your neighborhood. One pest control expert said the recent rains have brought tons of fire ants out.

Mantis Pest Control Owner, JD Duke, said it is not these ants are multiplying, but they are more visible because they are above ground trying to rebuild their flooded homes.

 “It is just when the ground was dry, the ground shrinks up so when they are excavating their castle in the ground the dirt gets pushed to the side,” Duke said.

Mantis Pest Control in Killeen says treating your lawn with a more expensive product may have better results — because these fire ants are looking to stay warm and active as long as they can.

 “When the rain hits it swells the ground up and caves their castle in. Then they have to re-excavate their castle and that’s when you see them all because of all the mounds on the ground,” Duke said.

Mantis Pest Control said ants are their number one problem when it comes to their customers.

Although fire ants don’t pose any serious danger — but a sting, experts say if you’re allergic you want to make sure these pests aren’t invading your home.

 “They will also get inside your house, get in your clothes, get in your food, get anywhere in your house. They are not like a sugar ants that are mainly in the bathroom or kitchen. We treated a house this morning where the guy got bit in his bed because they were coming from three different spots in his house,” Duke said.

In addition to fire ants, Duke said the cool weather change is also bringing in more rodents. He says to keep an eye out for mice, rats, raccoons and possums.

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