Nexstar’s 2023 Remarkable Woman of the Year was announced Monday night during a lavish awards ceremony at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. 

Each year, Nexstar Media Group celebrates International Women’s Month by spotlighting “Remarkable Women” from coast to coast, with the big winner eventually being named “Nexstar Woman of the Year.” 

This weekend, more than 100 remarkable women arrived in Los Angeles, all inspirational leaders from across the country making an impact in their communities — from helping the homeless to working with domestic violence victims. 

Their work and contributions were in the spotlight as they descended on Hollywood and received star treatment. 

On Sunday, hours after their arrival in L.A., they walked the “purple carpet” and danced poolside at the hotel, where they had their very own Remarkable Women decorative waterfall. 

They kicked off Monday with a double-decker bus tour of some of Los Angeles’ most iconic landmarks. 

All 200 Nexstar TV stations in 116 markets around the U.S. accepted nominations for this prestigious honor. Nexstar received more than 10,000 nominations this year. Many were recognized, but a select few were chosen to fly to L.A. for the event and only one would receive the highest honor.  

Mona Highline from Grand Junction, Colorado, was named Nexstar’s 2023 Remarkable Woman of the Year.  

Highline’s work with the Joseph Center, an organization she created to help the homeless, particularly children, earned her the distinct honor of being a true trailblazer in her community. Making it her life’s work, Highline has created a center that’s transformed lives, where children and families in need are getting a fresh start for a brighter future.  

As the winner of the award, Highline will receive a $10,000 donation to the charity of her choice.

  • Mona Highline, Nexstar's 2023 Remarkable Woman of the Year
  • Remarkable Women 2023
  • Remarkable Women 2023
  • Remarkable Women 2023
  • Remarkable Women 2023
  • Mona Highline, from Grand Junction, Colorado, was announced Nextstar's 2023 Remarkable Woman of the Year on April 3, 2023 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. (KTLA)

The whole experience was something many of these inspirational leaders said they will never forget and that they will carry these memories back to their communities where their important work continues. 

KTLA honors all these extraordinary women who are leaving a lasting imprint on the communities they touch.