Waco police have tracked down a man with dyed,  multi-colored hair who smashed a glass display case in a convenience store robbery, brandishing a large metal pipe.

Papers filed with the court indicate it was June 12 that a man with his hair dyed red, orange, yellow and pink came into the store at 600 South 11th Street  in Waco, first just taking some candy without paying, then walking out.

The clerk said when he came in again later, he was told to leave and never come back.

The same man then came back carrying a large metal pipe, swinging it around wildly in the store and pointing it at the clerk who was in fear of injury, then smashing the tempered glass of the display case.

He  took items from the case and from throughout the store, including t-shirts, candy, a hat and other items, then left.

Investigators were able to develop an identity for the man and obtained an arrest warrant charging aggravated robbery against LaFrancis Dana Tunnicliff.  who has since been found, arrested and booked into the McLennan County Jail.