Robinson community helping students without lunch money


A middle school is student stepping up after his friend went days without eating lunch at Robinson Junior High. 

The student claims his friend was denied food for not having money in his account. 

Robinson ISD school administrators say they are looking into this incident. 

Assistant Superintendent Tim VanCleave tells FOX 44 no student will ever go hungry in his schools, even if it means he has to pay out of his own pocket. 

Brent Pick, the father of the student who helped his friend by buying him lunch, posted about the incident on social media.

Several parents responded saying they will give money toward lunch accounts that need it. 

“It’s not the school’s fault, it’s not just the parents’ fault, it’s not anybody in particular’s fault, but there’s an opportunity here for us as a community to come together,” Pick said. 

Pick saddled with mixed emotions, disappointed over how the Robinson school district handled a child without enough money for lunch. 

“It kind of bothers me that they are not digging deep enough into these kids to find something like that,” Pick said.

Pick says his son’s friend went at least three days without eating lunch because his account didn’t have money – saying the middle schooler was embarrassed to keep trying because the lunch person already knew him. 

“My son, you know, he said ‘That’s fine, lets go up here, lets go in line and get you something to eat.’ So he went through the line with him and picked out what he wanted to eat, and they went back to the table and he got to eat,” Pick said. 

After Pick posted the issue on social media, several parents volunteered to help. 

One woman said she talked to the assistant superintendent and found out anyone can call and put money in lunch accounts that need it. 

FOX 44 reached out to the district to learn more, and while no one wanted to talk on camera, Assistant Superintendent VanCleave gave this statement: 

“Robinson ISD was asked about the possibility of community members helping to pay on student cafeteria charges.   Our staff members, parents and community members have always done an outstanding job in supporting Robinson in every way possible and this is yet another example of the generosity in this excellent city.  Each individual campus has always accepted donations to help pay for cafeteria charges for their students.   The District is not soliciting the community to pay for our student’s charges; however, if someone calls and wants to help, we will certainly work with them in this area.”

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