Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Hardware stores were busy Monday as customers bought essential items for the winter storm.

Store traffic was constant at Keith’s Hardware this afternoon in Hewitt.

The calls came in and so were customers trying to stay warm in the cold.

“I bought some firelog, some wood, and some propane,” said customer Johnny Reyes.

Reyes lives in Waco and says he doesn’t make trips like this often.

“Rarely. It’s just that I didn’t purchase any yesterday, so I figured I’d get them today,” said Reyes.

Keith’s Hardware Manager Brian Schmunsler says Reyes is one of many customers his staff has had to help.

“We served I would say 800 to a 1000 people so far, and then the phone is ringing nonstop,” said Schmunsler.

Callers are asking for propane, firewood, and faucet covers.

Being at the end of the season for most of these items, Schmunsler says some inventory won’t last long.

“Inventories good on firewood,” said Schmunsler. “Propane you just have to wait to get filled back up. We have it now, but I will most likely run out today.”

They sold out of ice melt by lunch time and are selling water softening salt to put on sidewalks and driveways as a substitute.

Customers are also coming in for windshield de-icer, fire starters, electric heaters, and materials to protect pipes.

For now, Schmunsler says they’ll do what they can to help customers get what they need.

“The next few days, it will be very busy. It’s all hands on deck, basically,” said Schmunsler.

For anyone looking for winter essentials, Schmunsler says its best to call in advance before getting on the road.