Springfield youth inspired by the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – President Joe Biden’s Inauguration was a historic moment, not lost on even the ceremony’s youngest viewers.

Today, January 20, 2021, Ozarks First reporter David Chasanov visited a local classroom that watched the Inauguration ceremony on TV. Chasanov spoke with kids ranging from 6 to 11 years old. Some say they wish they could’ve been there, and others say seeing Kamala Harris meant a lot.

“Feels special because it’s the first black Vice President, and it’s a woman,” D’Adrion McBride, an 11-year-old, said. “She has different cultures than most of the Presidents that have been elected and most of the Vice Presidents.”

McBride, fifth grade, is a student at the Discovery Center’s learning support care program. While watching the Inauguration, some kids clapped for President Biden when his name was called. One girl even raised her hand while Kamala Harris was being sworn in as Vice President.

McBride’s sister D’Aazlynn says she wants to have that same job one day.

“When I get older, I want to be a Vice President,” D’Aazlynn, an eight-year-old in second grade, said. “Because then we could help the community. I think it would be good because if I help people, then they’ll be happy, and they’ll help me.”

Bryleigh Breyfogle, who is nine years old and in fourth grade, offered her support for Biden.

“Biden is going to be a really good president for us all,” Breyfogle said. “He is kind and sweet and made a really good speech today.”

Some other kids say they couldn’t believe Jennifer Lopez was there, and they wish they could meet her.

A teacher at the Discovery Center says she made sure to talk to her students about respect today. She says it’s important to say what is kind, true and necessary since other kids may have different political views, and a special ceremony like an inauguration can be emotional.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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