EL PASO, Tex. — President Donald Trump’s rally in El Paso paused briefly Monday night after a protestor stormed the media area pushing a camera man and yelling expletives.

The apparent Trump supporter was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and yelled “_____ the media” before being restrained.

The BBC says cameraman Ron Skeans took the brunt of a “very hard shove” from behind.  Video posted to social media shows the photographer nearly falling over.

The incident happened a few minutes after President Trump criticized the media.

Nexstar reporter Wes Rapaport was just feet away from the altercation and filmed the video highlighted in the player above.    

“This incident kind of took us off guard,” Rapaport said.  “We expect some of the criticism, but it never (or rarely) ends up being a violent confrontation.”

In the video below, Rapaport talked more about the experience with Newsfeed Now host Aaron Nolan.

After pausing during the incident, President Trump checked whether everything was OK.  Skeans reportedly gave Trump a “thumbs up” and the rally continued.