‘Corona girl’ in 30-year-old cold case identified


WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas – For three decades, the “Corona girl” case has stumped Williamson County investigators.

They have called it this because, until this week, the victim was only publicly identified by her Corona beer t-shirt she was found wearing.

We know now that woman’s name – Sue Ann Huskey.

Williamson County investigators say multiple DNA testing lead to identifying a teenager found dead in Jarrell back in 1989.

A “bubbly teenager” who never got in trouble. This is how Jackie Delaney described her younger sister, who she last saw 30 years ago.

Delaney said her disappearance has been a mystery which has haunted her family for years.

“It’s always on the back of your mind,” Delaney said over the phone. “All you can do is think about her and ask, ‘Where are you, sister?'”

“The parents or loved ones of whoever is missing can’t go on with their life, can’t go enjoy a day or work to their highest potential or take care of their health, because it doesn’t get better with time – it gets worse,” says Dottie Laster, Missing Persons Investigator.

Laster has investigated missing persons cases in Texas for years. She says families like Delaney’s can finally have the closure they have been looking for for years. She said it’s also a time to praise the investigators who never quit.

“It should always be considered an incredible accomplishment and something that’s important to never give up on,” says Laster.

It’s still unclear how and why Sue Ann Huskey made it to Williamson County from Sulphur Springs just east of Dallas, where her family lived back in 1989.

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