DALLAS, Texas (FOX 44) – Orthopedic trauma doctor of Methodist Dallas, Danny Holland, joined Samaritan’s Purse in Eastern Ukraine a few months ago.

He said “serving with Samaritan’s Purse is really the honor of my lifetime.” – HOLLAND

Before he arrived, the healthcare, food supply and education system had all been disrupted and people were living in complete survival mode. The city had been under Russian occupation for six months.

“Until you’ve seen it in person, and you’ve seen it on the people’s faces. It’s very hard to describe.” – HOLLAND

Doctor Holland quickly recognized how everyone at the emergency field hospital worked with conviction. He became very close to one of the medical interpreters from Ukraine, Ruvim Prokopenko.

When war broke out Ruvim said he wanted to be a part of something good to make a difference. Later on, he was asked to be an interpreter for Samaritan’s Purse working in the medical ward and emergency room.

Local Ukrainian’s connected with Ruvim and found healing through his words, support and solidarity.

“Sometimes I couldn’t find the right words, but we tried to pray for people. It was emotional, it was really difficult, tough but like when you see some people smiling or changing a bit. It gives us hope that it’s worth it and maybe this person’s life will be changed.” -PROKOPENKO

Dr. Holland emphasized that Samaritan’s Purse did not just provide a hospital to support physical needs but one that addressed the mental and spiritual sides as well. Patients were amazed at the outpouring of love.

“And it was very moving, not only in the hospital did we do surgery. We took care of patients that were acutely ill, that had broken bones. We took people to emergent surgery. But beyond where there was so much ministry within the hospital, again, I have never been so touched and understood the healing power of holding somebody’s hand.” -HOLLAND

Patients said they felt peace as they heard doctors, translators and other staff gather together to do daily devotionals, sing and pray.

“I want to thank people and everybody helping Ukraine right now the way they can. This war isn’t over yet, and we still need help and support. So please don’t give up with us.” – PROKOPENKO