AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 44) – The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) hosted a full-scale exercise in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season.

The TDEM says this was done with participation from state and local partners from across the state of Texas. This multi-day exercise was dubbed Hurricane Indigo, and drew participation from more than 40 state agencies, dozens of local entities and partner organizations.

(Photo: Texas Division of Emergency Management/Jordan Prokell)

Over 600 emergency responders participated at the local and state level – benefiting from this annual effort intended to ensure proper readiness in coordination between all levels of government, plus a variety of emergency response organizations, when a major hurricane impacts the Texas Gulf Coast.

The TDEM says personnel responded from the Texas State Operations Center (SOC) in Austin, in addition to more than 40 Disaster District Emergency Operations Centers and Local Emergency Operations Centers throughout TDEM Region 2 in southeast Texas.

(Photo: Texas Division of Emergency Management/Jordan Prokell)

This exercise is planned for months by experts in the emergency preparedness field, and is hosted by the TDEM in conjunction with the Texas Emergency Management Council – with the support of other partners such as the National Weather Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency and American Red Cross.

Texans are encouraged to visit the Texas Hurricane Center at and for preparedness resources and safety tips. More safety information is available at

(Photo: Texas Division of Emergency Management)