MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Gov. Greg Abbott made his latest campaign stop in McAllen Sunday night, as he makes his bid for re-election.

“I come down to the Rio Grande Valley about on average once every week and I’m going to keep coming,” Abbott said.

Abbott held a rally outside of Art’s Trucks & Equipment in McAllen.

He opened his remarks by praising the high Republican voter turnout during the first week of early voting. In Hidalgo County, there have already been more the 4,500 Republican ballots castes in the primary election.

“We are going to work not just to ensure that we have more Hispanics in the RGV voting than ever before, but we are going to elect more Hispanics in the RGV than ever before,” Abbott said.

As Gov. Abbott took time to address democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke during his remarks. O’Rourke is the front runner for the Democratic nomination and has also been making campaign stops in the RGV.

The governor vowed to keep oil and gas jobs up and running across the state of Texas.

“He has threatened to crush the energy jobs that help people buy homes, buy cars, take care of their families,” Abbott said. “Let me tell you something, I am running for re-election to ensure that we protect the oil and gas sector that made American energy independent.”

On top of continuing to support local law enforcement, Gov. Abbott also vowed to continue to secure the border across the RGV and the state if re-elected.

“We see how rapidly McAllen is growing, we see how rapidly the entire RGV is growing, and we know that one thing that attracts people to this region is because it is a safe region,” Abbott said. ” We want to make sure that it remains safe so we will continue securing the border including Texas building that border wall, making sure our state and the community will be safe.”

But most importantly Abbott is still urging his supports in the RGV and across Texas to head to the poll as there is one week left of early voting.

“Vote early next week if not vote on Election Day next Tuesday [March 1]. ” Abbott said. “Make sure that you cast your vote and that your vote counts.”