Oncor expects remaining outages to be restored this weekend


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DALLAS, Texas – As of Friday night, Oncor has stated there are approximately 18,000 remaining outages from the cold weather and lack of generation impacts experienced earlier this week. They expect remaining customers will be restored Saturday.

Restoration efforts have been hindered by two main factors. First, hazardous road conditions that greatly slow the time it takes for Oncor trucks and personnel to reach areas of repair, and pick up and deliver equipment to work sites. While temperatures finally rise above freezing, partially melting and refreezing ice may exacerbate these travel challenges.

Second, Oncor continues to identify damaged equipment as a result of transformers having to quickly power back up massive amounts of energy after the controlled outages concluded. This damage is somewhat comparable to blowing a fuse when you plug too many devices into one outlet in your home. While this damage may temporarily prevent the equipment from powering up every connected customer in the area, personnel will aim to restore as many as possible to provide relief before replacement equipment can be installed. In some instances, personnel may leave the area to work on other nearby repairs while replacement equipment or additional workers are in route. This does not mean that Oncor has closed the outage or that we will not prioritize its full restoration.

Personnel have also restored power to more than 38,000 customers impacted by an ice storm that blanketed the eastern region of Palestine, Lufkin and Nacogdoches, and the southern region of Killeen, Round Rock and Temple late Wednesday and Thursday, with 53,000 outages remaining. Oncor expects the majority of storm restoration to be complete in these areas Sunday.

As restorations are completed across the service territory, personnel continue to be rerouted to areas of highest need. Work will continue in rotating 16-hour shifts around the clock. If you are still without power, please report your outage by calling 888-313-4747, texting OUT to 66267, using the MyOncor app or visiting Oncor.com. 

Source: Oncor

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