HOUSTON (KIAH) — With the economy beginning to struggle under the weight of inflation woes, job openings in the state of Texas are holding steady, according to a new study.

In the last month, Texas had a job openings rate of 7.30%, which is the 16th smallest hiring struggle in the country, according to a study by WalletHub. That’s up from the 6.62% job openings rate Texas had 12 months ago.

Alaska is the state with the most job openings, with an 8.40% rate last month, which is down from the 9.27% rate it had last year. Kentucky (8.70%) and Georgia (8.40%) follow.

The state with the lowest rate of job openings is New York (5.70%), followed by the District of Columbia (6.30%) and Connecticut (6.20%).

The numbers show that while the economy is slowing down, companies are still struggling to fill its open positions.

Also, some businesses are having a hard time keeps its current employees as Americans are quitting their jobs at record rates in what’s been dubbed the “Great Resignation.”

Rochelle Parks-Yancy, a professor of management at the Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University, said that some of the main factors in the high rates is that some businesses are offering better opportunities that are attractive to workers.

“Workers (are) expecting quality treatment from leaders that they do not believe they are receiving,” she said. “However, it should be noted that firms are still downsizing talent in significant numbers, as well.

“Some examples include Better’s layoffs in November, and, recently, Unilever announced that they would terminating 1,500 management roles soon. Generally speaking, low turnover benefits employers in terms of wages, while high turnover benefits talent in terms of compensation. Classic supply and demand curves.”