AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 44) – Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed his tenth border crisis lawsuit against the Biden Administration – and the 26th overall against the administration.

Paxton is challenging Pres. Biden’s rescission of Title 42, which empowers federal authorities to rapidly expel aliens at the Texas-Mexico border.

On April 1, Pres. Biden formally announced his plan to scrap Title 42, effective May 23. With this deadline around the corner, Attorney General Paxton followed his complaint in federal court with an emergency motion to freeze the termination order. This Title 42 lawsuit follows a previous Title 42-related victory against the administration in the Northern District of Texas. 

“The Biden Administration has made one disastrous border decision after another, and I’ve sued him at every turn,” said Attorney General Paxton. “But his new plan to rescind Title 42 is the most consequential yet. Without Title 42, hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens will flood Texas every month—even more than have been pouring over in the past year. His goal is simple: get as many illegals in this country as fast as possible without any concern for the potential criminal or terrorist background of those crossing the border. This is allowing the cartels to maximize their profits and their effectiveness. Biden cannot make such sweeping decisions without going through the process required by federal law. He didn’t, so I’m suing. I’ll hold him accountable and do all I can to protect Texans.”