A 17-year-old McGregor High School student has been arrested on charges he shared a video of sexual activity in person and on line against the wishes of the other person in the video.

McGregor police investigators say that Nickolas Harborth was charged with unlawful disclosure of intimate visual material.

He was also charged with criminal trespass of a habitation for going to a residence that he had been warned not to approach.

The detective working the case said that Harborth had taken the video to school and showed it to friends the posted it on Snapchat and when some students saw it reported it to school administrators who called police.

The other party in the video was a fifteen year old girl who had not given her permission for the video to be seen.

Investigators said that other charges could not be filed against Harborth because of a law that says that there is an exemption for those having sex with a minor if the age difference is less than three years and also one for possession of child pornography if the age difference is less than two years.

The offense is a state jail felony, while the trespassing charge is a misdemeanor.