Team Texas K-9’s help find missing Ft. Hood soldier’s body in Lake Belton


Scott Weinhold’s body was discovered in Lake Belton on Tuesday afternoon after disappearing January 21 during a boating accident with his two friends. One passed away and one survived.

Team Texas K-9’s is a group that travels all over the United States searching for missing loved ones.

They arrived last week, and the K-9’s got Weinhold’s scent and found him in the water on Tuesday afternoon.

After the K-9’s found him, the Morgan’s Point Dive Team pulled him out.

Riegel is a shepherd who is a Human Remains Detection (HRD) dog and Boogie is an 11-month old Bloodhound.

With their help, Scott Weinhold’s body is no longer missing. 

“Usually we are on a boat, and we will do a grid search, she will actually alert on the boat,” says Allen Fields with the Team Texas K-9’s. “Pretty much it will be in that vicinity about 20-25 feet something like that.”

Allen says that Crystal Fields, who is pictured with the dogs above, goes everywhere with the dogs to help families find their missing loved ones. 

He says Crystal just got back from North Carolina and then went immediately to Belton to help with the search.

The dogs were given Weinhold’s sock to track his scent.

“She grabbed it with her teeth, she swung it up in the air and that bag went straight over her snoot and she got a great whiff of that sock and she wouldn’t let that sock go at all and then as soon as she got that scent, boom, she was gone,” says Jonathan Kattner, Scott’s wife’s cousin. 

“She actually took us over to it, he wasn’t in deep water so she was able to get to it from the shore but he was still in the water,” Fields says.

Even after two weeks of game wardens and divers searching, they weren’t able to spot him.

“We couldn’t see anything at all, the game wardens even scanned that area several times and they couldn’t dive in it because of safety obviously,” Kattner explains.

Kattner says it’s because the water was filled with dark brush which made it very hard to see, but the game wardens did everything they could.

Kattner wants to give a special thanks to Warden Bernstein with the Texas State game warden service for his help during the search. 

Team Texas K-9’s only have one goal in mind.

“Just to bring the families home,” Fields says.

They do everything for free and come out to help others find their loved ones. 

To learn more about Team Texas K-9’s, you can find their Facebook by clicking here.

The Services for Scott will be on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 3:00 pm at the Moody-Leon Methodist Church in Moody, Texas. The address is 15760 Moody Leon Road.

Weinhold’s mom says on Facebook that “all are invited and we look forward to celebrating Scott’s wonderful life with all of his Texas family and friends. Please bring your stories to share about how Scott impacted your life so we can keep the wonderful memories alive.”

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