A 41-year-old Coryell County man is facing several charges after a teen was choked, beaten, tied up and loaded into a pickup to ” face the father ” of a female friend.

Mark Andrew Barrow is being held in the Coryell County jail on charges of kidnapping, assault bodily injury and assault impeding breathing in connection with the incident that occurred early Wednesday morning.

In the complaint filed with the court, the victim told Coryell County deputies that he had been picked up at his home in Gatesville by a female friend about midnight Wednesday to ” hang out” with her at her grandmother’s home.

While there, a man later identified as Barrow arrived and the victim hid in a bathroom.

The suspect found him  saying ” yeah, I caught you,” at which point the victim was dragged into the living room of the home.

The victim and his female friend told deputies he was thrown to the floor and choked until he could not breathe.

When he tried to break the hold he was punched in the head.

A child who was with the man was told to get some rope and a gun, though court papers indicate it was not known if the weapon was more than a pellet gun.

The victim’s hands and feet were tied and he was taken to a truck and driven to another home in Gatesville, but when he got there, the reception was apparently different than his attacker expected.

The man he was taken to  ordered the teen released, asked him where he lived and drove him home.

He along with the female friend then made statements to deputies backing up the victim’s story of what happened.