A group of teenagers are accused of breaking in to several Killeen homes to throw parties. Several people posted complaints on social media. 

We noticed the teens accused of this tweeted out party fliers with addresses leading to homes that were vacant. 

A vacant Yowell Ranch home is one of locations where the teens allegedly trespassed. Homeowner Brian Williams says he’s seen people go in and out the past three weekends. 

“It was a bunch of kids out here partying, cars filling up the street. I actually thought somebody lived there at that house,” Brian Williams said. 

But other neighbors says the previous homeowners moved out. According Remax realtors, the house has been for sale for more than five months. 

“It’s kind of upsetting. This is a real quiet neighborhood,” Williams said. 

Killeen police say they haven’t recieved any reports of teens breaking in to vacant houses. However if they do, the teens could face serious charges. 

“It’s criminal trespass because obviously if the house is vacant, they’re trespassing at a residence where they should not be there,” Ofelia Miramontez with the Killeen police department said.

If the home was left trashed, the people accused of the crime could do some jail time. 

“It can be a value of over $100, a misdemeanor, or it can go into a felony, it all depends on the value of that damage that they’ve done in the home,” Miramontez said. 

Police are encouraging neighbors to speak up if they see anything suspicious. 

“It’s a motto that we say a lot. If you see something, say something,” Miramontez said. 

The realtor said up until the moment we called him, he hadn’t heard of any suspicious activity at the house. Now, he’s planning to make sure nothing in the home has been damaged.