A Temple company has donated 42 container loads of school furniture destined for schools in Jamaica, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Artcobell is a major  manufacturer of school furniture and is providing new desks, chairs and tables through the Institution Recycling Network and Food for the Poor. 

“Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and this gift of new school furniture from Artcobell through IRN is truly priceless,” said Food For The Poor President/CEO Robin Mahfood. 

“Our donors have helped us to build, repair or expand 452 schools throughout the Caribbean and Latin America in our 35-year history, but having the ability to fill these classrooms with quality school furniture is equally important.”      

“It was a tremendous pleasure on our part to be able to have an impact on the lives of children. Until we became involved in this effort, we had not realized the significant impact a donation of this type could have on their lives,” Artcobell President Rick Parker said. 

“If it were not for the efforts of IRN and Food For The Poor this outcome would not have materialized and the good that comes from it would have been lost. We encourage others to also engage in similar efforts.”

In late October, 24 containers were shipped to Jamaica, 12 to Honduras and six to Nicaragua, reaching their designated countries in mid-November. By the first week of December, some of the furniture had been delivered and graciously received by the students and their teachers