The search continues in Temple for a 37-year-old doctor missing for almost a month.

Dr. Joshua Hull was last heard from on October 13th, his patients are praying he is found safe.

“It’s very strange and very random for somebody, you know to go missing like that and then just to not have any information about it, so it was definitely a shock,” said Brooke Lisenbe, a patient of Dr. Hull’s.

Lisenbe and her family have seen Dr. Hull at least five times at the American Family Care Clinic in Temple.

“He was very calm, he never seemed alarmed, he was very definitely informative, he was always able to answer all of our questions, he always you know, he knew pretty much right away with our symptoms, this is what’s going on and this is what we’ll do to get it fixed, so he was always very helpful which is why, you can go to so many urgent cares and we just decided to go see him every time,” said Lisenbe.

She can’t believe he has been missing for over three weeks, especially in Temple.

“I was definitely shocked, I mean I don’t usually share local news or you know things like that on Facebook, but when I saw him I thought, oh, that’s where I know you from and I was like ‘well that’s crazy,” said Lisenbe. “Temple is not a place that I would think that somebody would go missing, so it’s very strange and unusual and kind of not heard of around here, you don’t hear about it very much.”

A WebMD search ssays Dr. Hull worked in Internal Medicine at Baylor Scott and White. In a statement, the American Family Urgent Care Clinic says “Dr. Hull has not been affiliated with the AFC medical facility in Temple since early this year. Nevertheless, like so many others in the community, we pray that he is safe and located soon.”

“He was an intelligent caring person, he took good care of my family and I just hope that Temple PD and everyone else that might be looking for him right now. I hope that they are able to take care of his family and bring him home because that’s where he deserves to be is home,” said Lisenbe.

Neither Baylor Scott and White Hospial nor the Temple Police Department confirmed to FOX 44 on Monday exactly where Dr. Hull works.

If you have any information about his whereabouts contact Temple PD’s Detective Wolff at 254-298-5500.

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