Temple ISD, parents respond to high school gun arrest


Parents have big questions after police found a gun at Temple High School.

On Tuesday, Temple police arrested 18-year-old James Luther Godfrey, accused of bringing a firearm to the campus.

The Temple Independent School District says it took ten minutes for school resource officers to get everything under control and arrest Godfrey. However, parents say more needs to be done to beef up security.

Keala Burleson never thought she’d see the day when someone would bring a gun to her daughter’s school.

“It’s scary, you know. It’s hard to send your child to school,” Burleson said. “My concern is my child and my nephews and anyone else that I love that’s at that school. I want to know that they are safe and if something is happening. I want to be notified.”
“Obviously the first thing we do is ensure that our students are safe and contained the situation,” Temple ISD Superintendent Bobby Ott said. “We also worked with law enforcement and experts that guide us in terms of what we do.”

Police responded shortly after noon, when three students reported to a resource officer about a student with a gun. That’s when they arrested Godfrey.
“The early part of the investigation did reveal that the intent did not have a threat associated with it,” Ott said.

The district sent out a letter and an email to parents about the discovery but parents want more than just words on a page.

“The metal detectors, lining them up at the door if you have to. One way in, one way out,” Burleson said. “Something to change the fact that these kids are bringing guns to school.”

“We do have wands in the district and we have used them but the free standing metal detectors,” Ott said. “We would not use those.”

Burleson says it’s also up to parents to keep a closer eye on what their kids are up to.

“Check their bags. Don’t hesitate to be a parent. You know, because it takes a parent to raise a kid,” Burleson said.

The district is urging parents to make sure they update their contact information if they did not get an email about the incident.

Temple police are still investigating. A bond for Godfrey has not been set.

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