Waco, TX (FOX 44) — The Temple Police Department has almost 20 new officer jobs and has created a free tutoring course for interested applicants.

It’ll be happening for the next two Saturdays at Temple College.

Temple PD is taking this step to help applicants pass the Civil Service Exam (CSE) so they can become an officer.

The CSE is comprised of reading, grammar, and math, and City of Temple staff say not everyone passes on the first try.

“This exam, if they haven’t thought about this topic for five years and it’s put on paper in front of them, it can be a little daunting and it can be that line between passing or failing,” said City of Temple public relations specialist Allison O’Connor.

O’Connor says one of the main challenges applicants face in the CSE exam is the math portion.

“Everyone has pretty much a smartphone now and everyone has a calculator on the phone, but with the CSE there are no aids. Especially when it comes to that portion, it’s all pen and paper,” said O’Connor.

O’Connor says the tutoring services can help fill 18 new open officer positions in Temple PD.

These were created this year by funds Temple received.

Temple PD is helping in this process to make sure applicants feel prepared.

“When they do walk into the room to take the exam. They’re feeling as prepared as they are moving forward and they’re not having to come back time after time after time to take the exam over and over again,” said O’Connor.

After passing the CSE other steps before being an officer include a background check, physical exam, and polygraph.

Waco PD has similar steps and also provides support to help applicants pass.

“So we actually have a study guide. It’s online. If you wanted to download it and look at it yourself, you’re more than welcome to,” said Waco PD PIO Cierra Shipley. “We also have a few times every now and then when people who are going to be applying, our future applicants, they can come and test out the agility course before they actually get tested.”

For anyone interested in taking the Temple PD tutoring sessions email jmcginley@temple.tx.gov.