Temple shelter opens doors for homeless


With temperatures dipping into the 20’s overnight, many will be at home tucked with the heater turned up. 

But what about those with no home?

According to the Texas Homeless Network, there are around 334 homeless people in the Bell County area. 

Many of those in Temple, so the McLane Center of Hope Salvation Army on W. G. Avenue opened their doors Monday night at 6:00 pm to allow those with nothing have a place to keep warm. 

One homeless man who goes by, ‘Rico’ says without the shelter being open tonight- he has no clue where he’d spend the cold night. 

“Under a bridge, behind a dumpster, next to your house, somewhere, i don’t know, it all depends…”

But not every night is like tonight.

The Salvation Army in Temple opens up the men’s shelter only if temperatures drop under 32 degrees. 

“There were days that i thought it was going to be open, and it wasn’t but because the weather changed by a few degrees, and the stipulations are unnoted,” said Rico.

He says he’s grateful even if he doesn’t know where his next meal will come from or where he will lay his head at night. 

And he’s not alone. 

“I’m very grateful because this means I don’t have to be out in the freezing cold for the night,” said Bradley Burtchell who also lives on the streets of Temple saying when he found out the shelter was open tonight he couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 6 pm! 

“I’m very cold, and i’m tired of being cold.”

The men say everyone despite their living conditions- they look to each other to keep moving forward. 

“That there’s hope, that’s pretty much what i do day by day, hope just hope something positive happens,” said Rico. 

The Salvation Army in Temple plans to remain open throughout the week, pending weather conditions. 

They say they see an average of ten – twelve people a night, but they have plenty more beds to help anyone looking for a place to rest their head.

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