Texas company cleared to put blueprints for 3-D guns online


Five years ago a 25-year-old Central Texas man was the first to be filmed shooting the world’s first fully 3-D printed gun.

And it may soon be legal to post plans for 3-D printable guns online.

After years of pushing for gun rights of all kinds, the government has reached an agreement with gun-rights activist Cody Wilson of Austin, allowing the plans on how to make 3-D guns available to the public as of August 1.

In 2013, Wilson posted plans for a 3-D printable gun. The government ordered him to remove it, arguing the plans could violate international arms traffic regulations.

Wilson complied, but sued the federal government in 2015. However, Wilson will be able to re-post schematics for what he calls “The Liberator.”

This is a gun made almost entirely out of ABS plastic – the same material used to make Lego bricks.

The settlement exempts Wilson and his organization from export restrictions and pays a portion of his legal fees.

According to the publication Wired- later this month, he and the non-profit he founded – Defense Distributed – are relaunching their website Defcad.com as a repository of firearm blueprints. Here you will find everything from the original one-shot 3-D printable pistol he fired in 2013 to AR-15 frames and more exotic DIY semi-automatic weapons. 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo committed to reviewing the 3-D printed gun policy as the idea of printing guns from home, and this is getting a lot of pushback.

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