Pro-Second Amendments students from across Texas are encouraging Gov. Greg Abbott to consider their views when drafting public policy affecting school safety.

A letter was sent by March 4 Our Rights organizers and signed by over 150 students statewide. It was sent in response to an expensive gun control advertisement which ran in the Houston Chronicle following the shooting at a Santa Fe high school.

The full-page chronicle ad was paid for by a Michael Bloomberg funded gun-control group based in New York City.  

The letter says students in Texas are sick of well-funded, out-of-state groups advocating for policies which will only disarm law-abiding people while doing nothing to stop criminals and deranged individuals from inflicting terror.

Below is a copy of the letter:

Honorable Governor Greg Abbott

P.O. Box 12428

Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Dear Governor Abbott,                                                                                               June 1, 2018

We are a group of pro-Second Amendment Texan students who are writing to ensure that our viewpoint is considered when public policy to protect our schools is drafted and debated.  We want to make sure you know we don’t agree with billionaire Michael Bloomberg or any of the gun control organizations and activities that he financially supports.  And we don’t want laws that only punish law-abiding gun owners and criminals will ignore. Criminals will keep breaking laws and we will remain unprotected. 

A Bloomberg-affiliated group recently took out an ad in the Houston Chronicle, criticizing you and Texas lawmakers for supporting pro-Second Amendment policies and forrejecting their misguided gun control schemes.  While we might lack the ability to finance a similar response, we do have a voice.  We are students of Texas and we want ourparents, our teachers, and our law enforcement officers to have a voice in making our schools safer, not the gun control lobby.    

We are tired of these organizations exploiting tragedies to justify their call for more restrictions on our rights.  We are fed-up with them using terms like “safety” and “common sense” as smoke screens for their efforts to disarm honest people.  We need less of their anti-Second Amendment rhetoric and more focus on actual school safety solutions.

Thank you for your consideration.


Xena Amirani, Chairwoman, March for Our Rights

Kristy Ybarra, Houston March for Our Rights Director

Juan Echeverry, Houston March for Our Rights Organizer

Caiden Anderson, Houston March for Our Rights Organizer

Domingue Young, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Logan Hausser, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Cole Campbell, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Evan Lawrence, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Tyler Lyons, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Sarah Read, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Evan Carlson, El Paso Students for Our Rights Member

Daniel Garza, Corpus Christi Students for Our Rights Member

Nathaniel Murdock, Corpus Christi Students for Our Rights Member

Rowland Soto, Santa Fe Students for Our Rights Member

Zachary Teel, Katy Students for Our Rights Member

Reagan Hardy, Lubbock Students for Our Rights Member

William Hodge, Amarillo March for Our Rights Organizer

Austin Duplantis, Keller Students for Our Rights Member

Luke Ford, Amarillo Students for Our Rights Member

Thomas Montano, Canyon Lake Students for Our Rights Member

Wesley Clendennen, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Aaron Estredge, Gatesville Students for Our Rights Member

Caleb Mofley, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Andrew Moore, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Laco Testing, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Connor Schuerg Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Isaac Funes, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Halli Lambert, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Caleb Hebdon, Austin Students for Our Rights Member

Karenina Urquieta, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Kyle Temmen, Aransas Pass Students for Our Rights Member

Matthew Schaefer, Katy Students for Our Rights Member

David Dryden, Parker Students for Our Rights Member

Must Alborageef, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Michael Joseph Cardenas, McAllen Students for Our Rights Member

Evan Baker, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Krissa Liu, Dallas Students for Our Rights Member

Samuel Cruz, Katy Students for Our Rights Member

Hayden Walls, Tyler Students for Our Rights Member

Joshua Hernandez, Huntsville Students for Our Rights Member

Izzy Aimone, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Alex Flanders, Fort Worth Students for Our Rights Member

Elijah Zapatka, Hurst Students for Our Rights Member

Garrett Schindler, New Braunfels Students for Our Rights Member

Alexander Anderson, Austin Students for Our Rights Member

Ben Fugate, Arlington Students for Our Rights Member

Abel Varghese, Austin Students for Our Rights Member

Sofia Murillo, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Devon Hahn, Cibolo Students for Our Rights Member

Colton Wilcox, Austin Students for Our Rights Member

Chance Hyslip, Dallas March for Our Rights Member

Caroline Billings, Fulshear Students for Our Rights Member

Catherine Allison, Dallas Students for Our Rights Member

Jacob Davis, Deer Park Students for Our Rights Member

Samuel Weddington, Amarillo Students for Our Rights Member

Candace Allen, Sabinal Students for Our Rights Member

Adam Powell, Lake Jackson Students for Our Rights Member

Miranda Sandoval, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Vicky Duarte, Lake Jackson Students for Our Rights Member

Ethan Constantino, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Chris Ochoa Los Fresnos Students for Our Rights Member

Michael Espaillat Pembroke Pines Students for Our Rights Member

Malik Perera, Carrollton Students for Our Rights Member

Amir Sarzaeim, Belton Students for Our Rights Member

Tristan Frederick, Dallas Students for Our Rights Member

Caroline Phelps, Fort Worth Students for Our Rights Member

Ian Nelson, Longview Students for Our Rights Member

Jose de Luna, Eaglepass Students for Our Rights Member

Gavin Byrne, Flower Mound Students for Our Rights Member

Hannah Jeffrey, Montgomery Students for Our Rights Member

Alexander Cortes, Dallas Students for Our Rights Member

Sonya Kao, Arlington Students for Our Rights Member

Bryce Harris, Mansfield Students for Our Rights Member

Adolfo Garza, Mission Students for Our Rights Member

Zane Perkins, Dallas Students for Our Rights Member

Drew Watson, Big Sandy Students for Our Rights Member

Natalie Grace Prideaux, Austin Students for Our Rights Member

Even Brunner, Dallas Students for Our Rights Member

Ryan Hernandez, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Arturo Villegas, Granbury Students for Our Rights Member

Mason Gopffarth, Mineral Wells Students for Our Rights Member

Reiland Eubank, Denison Students for Our Rights Member

Justin Bossert, Galveston Students for Our Rights Member

Sebastian Miller, Austin Students for Our Rights Member

Fabian Figueroa, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Jay DeWitt, Waco Students for Our Rights Member

Connor David Stone, El Paso Students for Our Rights Member

Patrick Silva Floresville Students for Our Rights Member

Sanjuanita Gonzalez, Baytown Students for Our Rights Member

Gavin Cano, Pearland Students for Our Rights Member

Roman Miller, Keller Students for Our Rights Member

Thomas Cranek, San Antonio Students for Our Rights Member

Weston Peterson, Austin Students for Our Rights Member

Mark Hotchkiss, Dallas Students for Our Rights Member

Matthew Perez, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Mike Rosales, El Paso, Students for Our Rights Member

Cade Bartels, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Anna Gullion, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Nick Hamilton, Houston Students for Our Rights Member

Jeremy Shedd, Fort Worth Students for Our Rights Member

Kolbe Hatz, Pearland Students for Our Rights Member

Noel Navarro, Waco, TX

Margaret Errickson, Houston, TX

Quentin Richards, College Station, TX

Chris Fimbrez, Fort Worth, TX

William Downie, Killeen, TX

Lesley Tribble, Manvel, TX

Jackson Wohlenhaus, Austin, TX

Travis Christoff, Wichita Falls, TX

Jillian Bliss, Austin, TX

McKenna Dallmeyer, Cedar Park, TX

Savan Cleveland, Nacogdoches, TX

Julio Chavez, Houston, TX

Noah Ratcliffe, Woodlands, TX

Gabriella Tanon, Forney, TX

Jack Klosek, Houston, TX

Amy King, Corpus Christ, TX

Charles Jones, Texas City, TX

Elijah Jones, Fort Worth, TX

Bryce P, Austin TX

Jack Shenkman, Austin, TX.

Mark Truty, Denton, TX

Malachi Rose, Mansfield, TX

Stephanie Laynez, Houston, TX

Victoria Schott, Houston, TX

Paul Ochoa, Houston, TX

Hunter Rider, Groves, TX

Stone Sutton, Lubbock, TX

Chris Bieser, West University Place, TX

Karl Miller, Forth Worth, TX

Patrick, San Antonio, TX

Analisa Apaez, San Antonio, TX

Kristine H, Austin, TX

Analisa Apaez, San Antonio, TX

Trevor Ramey, Houston, TX

Tristan Byrd, Fortworth, TX

Brandon Lewis, San Antonio, TX

Lucas Baer, Austin TX

Wayne Goodwyn, Dallas, TX

Hector Herrera, Wimberley, TX

Sanjuanita González, Baytown, TX

Nick Kramer, Houston, TX

Brandon Phemester, Midland, TX

Ruben Spencer, Pittsburg, TX

Spencer Thurman, Whitehouse, TX

James Tatsch, Prosper, TX

Oliver Steffensen, Flower Mound, TX

Myles Miller, New Braunfels, TX

Andrew Vasquez, San Antonio, TX

Anthony M, Texarkana, TX

Kason Walker, Shallowater, TX

Alec Zahir, Grand Prairie, TX

Grant F, Houston, TX

Ray Salas, San Antonio TX

Matthew Dematos, Huntsville, TX

For information on March 4 Our Rights and to participate in their nationwide rally, you can go here.

Source: March 4 Our Rights