The most surprising items left in an Uber this year


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HOUSTON (CW39) Did you leave a tattoo machine, mannequin head or a cooler full of fish in an Uber recently? What about 22 bundt cakes?

Well somebody did… and that’s not all!

Ahead of a busy Memorial Day weekend – where over 37 Million Americans plan to travel – Uber has released their fifth annual Lost & Found Index revealing the most surprising and most popular items left behind by riders over the past year. 

  • Most unique items: We  saw riders leaving behind everything from mannequin heads and prosthetic legs to coolers full of fish, dog leashes and pinatas – and that’s just to name a few
  • The most forgetful cities: Austin, Fort Myers, Nashville, San Antonio and Tampa Bay topped the list of most “forgetful” cities this year
  • Most commonly forgotten items: Phones, cameras, wallets and keys topped the list this year
  • Bizarre food: Foodies are some of the biggest culprits, forgetting everything from a sack of potatoes and crab legs to a bottle of champagne, cooler full of fish and 22 Bundt cakes- and that’s just to name a few.
  • Sweet tooth: More than sixty riders forgot their gold grills, Invisalign retainers, and full or partial sets of dentures. Not to mention the handful of folks who left behind single teeth. 
  • Pandemic pets: With pet adoptions on the rise over the past year, we’ve seen more people losing items  including Louis Vuitton dog leashes, puppy passports and even a pet fish
  • Forget me not: Apple products were left behind nearly nine times more frequently than Samsung products, and Gucci goods were left behind five times more often than both Chanel and YSL. But the brand least frequently forgotten? Clorox.
  • Cash cab: Riders left behind more than $60,000 in cash – with seventeen riders forgetting wads worth more than $1,000. 

You can find the full report HERE.

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