Todric McDonald sentenced to life in prison without parole


A jury has returned a guilty verdict for Todric McDonald, who has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Seven witnesses went in front of the jury on Thursday. 

One of the witnesses was Demonte Williams, who said he went to the Haps Ice House around closing time on May 10, 2014, where McDonald shot at him and stole his blue Yukon.

At the time, Waco Patrol Officer Cassie Price – now a Detective for Waco Police – responded to the murders of Ulysses and Justin Gonzalez and says McDonald drove the Yukon to the shootings.

A fellow inmate, Joshua Johnson, testified McDonald admitted to killing the two cousins because they owed him money. 

Another person who took the stand today was April Kendrick, a firearm supervisor with the Southwestern Institue of Forsenic Science in Dallas. She claims her firearm analysis shows the 40mm gun belonging to McDonald was used to the kill cousins and that same gun was also used during the shootings at Haps Ice House – as well as a third shooting on Morrow Street. 

McNeal testified on Wednesday that he did get into a shootout with McDonald at Morrow Street approximately five hours before he murdered Justin and Ulysses Gonzalez.

During closing arguments, the defense claimed the prosecution’s evidence was inconsistent. 

Prosecutors said McDonald thinks he is the gangster who shot the two to gain respect. 

For more information, you can view our previous story here.

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