Tornado Recovery: 1 Month Later


COPPERAS COVER, Texas. Its now more than 1 month since an E-F 2 tornado ripped through parts of Copperas Cove.

On Sunday, homeowners say the rebuilding process is tiring because of the back-and-forth with insurance and roofing companies regarding prices.

“We had 9 or 10 companies that came out did their estimates and we really have not heard anything back,” says homeowner Jonathan Grim.

Grim says the storm destroyed both his roof and fence, which is a major inconvenience for him and his pets.

“They naturally run after the deers so its kind of hectic confining them to the yard, he adds.

Homeowner, Clyde Miller, also had his fence knocked down by the storm.

Miller was surprised to learn insurers will not cover the cost.

“The trees I can understand but the wood fencing. The fencing is an intergal part of your house,” he says.

Miller says homeowners should think carefully when choosing a home insurance company.

“Go with the guys that are not saving you money, that are going to take care of you when it happens. Because in the long run, the 5 or 6 dollars you’re saving, its not worth it,” he continues.

Miller says he is scheduled to get his roof fixed but the timeframe on repairing the fence is still unknown.

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