Bell County Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown took the stand Monday afternoon in her own trial.

This, after she made national headlines for setting a record breaking $4 billion bond almost two years ago.

Judge Claudia Browns attorney David Fernandez tried to delay the trial again on Monday claiming her team was not ready to begin because they did not have enough time examine a report made by an expert witness. 

Visiting State District Judge Stephen Ables denied that motion and jury selection continued for several hours.

Out of the 80 potential jurors, about 16 of them said they knew about the case after answering questions from both sides. The court picked 12 out of the remaining 35 possible jurors, four men and eight women.

The case revolves around Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown who set $4 billion bond for a Killeen murder suspect almost exactly two years ago in February 2017.

 “Judges are supposed to be independent, we’re supposed to make our own decisions. You know, in hindsight I would never have done that under normal circumstances and I would never do it again, and I regret that I did it at all,” said JP Claudia Brown during an interview with FOX 44.

The prosecution tried to show the jury that Judge Brown committed misconduct in her position as Justice of the Peace.

Meanwhile, the defense says Judge Brown simply made a mistake and that does not mean she is incompetent or ignorant— adding she made a rookie mistake and has accepted responsibility.

The trial will also touch on when Judge Brown set her own sons DUI bond at $2,000.

“I should of just let him there. Left him there and not set the bond. But the bond is always $2,000 for everyone. If you go ask anybody what is the bail for a person who is charged with DUI,” said Judge Brown during interview with FOX 44 in August 2018.

This is the first removal case in Bell County in over 30 years.

The trial will continue Tuesday morning.