A 22-year-old Gatesville man who was determined not to have his car repossessed is now facing a list of charges.

Leslie Aaryn Coleman was arrested by Gatesville police on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawfully carrying a weapon and hindering a secured creditor.

Papers filed with the court indicate that a man attempting to repossess a 2007 white Ford Mustang approached Coleman as he was putting gas in the car at the Star Mart in Copperas Cove early Saturday morning.

He had been tracking the car with a GPS tracking device and had followed it from Harker Heights to Cove.

He told police that as he drove his tow truck up near the car he had been looking for and attempted to serve the repossession papers, the driver gunned his engine and sped off, hitting the tow truck driver with the driver’s side of the car.

The victim fell to the ground striking his head and shoulder on the pavement.

The fleeing driver was seen heading toward Gatesville at a high rate of speed,.

Using the tracking device for information, Gatesville police were alerted and were able to stop and detain Coleman, also finding a Smith and Wesson 9 mm pistol in the vehicle.

The aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge came as a result of striking the tow truck driver with the car, the weapons charge came from being in possession of the pistol while committing another offense, and the hindering secured creditor came from not allowing the car to be repossessed.

Bond was set at a total of $60,000.